MSE PRO™ Pulsing Thermal Evaporation Carbon Coater

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MSE PRO™ Pulsing Thermal Evaporation Carbon Coater

MSE Supplies offers an Automatic Pulsing Thermal Evaporation Carbon Coater that is ideal and designed for lab SEM sample preparation. It is a fully-automated carbon coater that applies a thin conductive carbon film on a sample surface. Applying this coating to a non-conductive sample is an effective preparation technique for diminishing charge-up electron artifacts for analysis in a SEM. Carbon coating is used when EDS is needed and gold coating will interfere with the EDS signal. The pulsing mode can protect the sample from overheating.

Working vacuum pressure can be achieved quickly when using proper vacuum pump. It is user friendly and easy to operate by Controlling Touch Screen Heating Power (Current) and Pulsing Times (Recipe).

Vacuum pump is included. .Φ 5mm x 100mm carbon rope included.

Brand: MSE PRO

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

Technical Specifications

SKU# MA0596
Vacuum Pump Set (Oil required) Rotary Vacuum Pump
Rotary Pumping Speed 50Hz: 8m3/h (2.2L/s); 60Hz: 9.6m3/h (2.6 L/s)
Max Evaporation Current (A) 80
Vacuum Limit (Pa) 2
Working Pressure (Pa) 4-6
Vacuuming Time (Min) < 5 (to 2Pa)
Vacuum Measure Measuring range from atmosphere to 2Pa
Chamber φ150 * 120mm, Scratch Resistant Quartz Glass
Evaporation Target Source Carbon Rope (2.5mm)
Operation Method Instruction Manual
Weight (kg) 45
Size, L*W*H, (mm) 390*310*290
Power Supply AC 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz
Power Consumption (W) < 2000
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime product support