MSE PRO Praseodymium (III, IV) Oxide (Pr6O11) 99.9% 3N Powder

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Praseodymium (III, IV) Oxide, Pr6O11, 99.9% 3N High Purity Powder

  • Product Number: PO4001 (50 g), PO4002 (100 g), PO4003 (1 kg)
  • Formula: Pr6O11
  • CAS Number: 12037-29-5
  • Molecular Weight: 1021.44  g/mol
  • Density: 6.5 g/cm³ at 25°C
  • Melting Point: 2183°C
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Solubility: Insoluble in water.
  • Particle size: 4-7um
  • Purity: 99.9% 3N (Pr6O11/TREO*)
* TREO - Total Rare Earth Oxides


    Praseodymium(III, IV) oxide, Pr6O11 is used in pigment in glass, optic and ceramic industries.It is highly valued in glass and ceramic production as a bright yellow pigment because of its optimum reflectance at 560 nm. Praseodymium-doped glass, called didymium glass is used in welding, blacksmithing, and glass-blowing goggles due to its blocking property of infrared radiation. It is employed in the solid state synthesis of praseodymium molybdenum oxide, which is used as a semiconductor. It has a number of potential applications in chemical catalysis, and is often used in conjunction with a promoter such as sodium or gold to improve its catalytic performance. It is widely used to convert CO to COin car exhaust.

    Notes: More detailed product information including SDS, certificate of analysis (COA), lead time and volume pricing are available upon request. 

    Rare Earth Impurities Content (ppm)

    Non- Rare Earth Impurities Content (ppm)

    Sm2O3   <10.0

    Fe2O3   <5.0

    Y2O3   <10.0

    SiO2   <50.0

    CeO2   <20.0

    CaO    <50.0

    Nd2O3   <40.0

    Cl-   <50.0

    La2O3  <10.0

    Na2O <100.0

    Other rare earth oxide total <10.0

    Al2O3 <100.0


    SO42– <200.0


    Others <100.0



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