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MSE PRO Powder Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) System for Lithium-Ion Battery Powder Coating

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Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a powerful thin-film deposition technique. Comparing to traditional Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), ALD allows even higher quality surface layer with nearly pinhole-free and excellent uniformity. These advantages are related to its controllable process. The whole process is continuous and self-limiting, which means the material in the chamber is slowly deposited by precursor separately in single atomic layer and the steps are repeated until achieving desired thickness. It is widely used in electronic, biomedical, photovoltaic and other applications.

MSE Supplies offers high performance Powder Atomic Layer Deposition System for lithium-ion battery electrode powder coating. It can be used to coat various materials, including battery powder (LCO), pole piece, metal powder, etc. It adopts the thermal ALD technique. Our system is capable of configuring up to 7 liquid/solid sources with 1 reactive gas and 1 purging gas line. Compare to the conventional wet-chemical processes, powder ALD allows the users to develop high quality nano and sub-nanoscale films in various compositions with extraordinary uniformity. Through the powder ALD process, the structural stability, electronic and ionic conductivity can be improved significantly. It is a perfect solution in improving the performance of the batteries.

Main Features:

Options: ozone generator, quartz crystal microbalance, glove box, etc.

Technical Specifications

Dimension (L x W x H) 600mm x 900mm x 1500mm
Weight ~ 250kg
Power 220VAC / 7.5kw / 18A (may change based on final customization)
Chamber Single chamber system (one chamber)
Chamber Temperature Control Process temperature range ambient ~ 300°C
Powder Sample Holder 2 special designed sample holder for different powder size ranging from um to nm (up to 10g per load for best process) 
Capacity 100g (customizable); can also accommodate few substrates
Max Precursor Max 5 liquid/solid precursors, 1 reactive gas line and 1 purging gas line
Max Precursor Heating  Room temperature ~ 200ºC
Uniformity ±3%
Deposition Rate 1 ~ 2Å per cycle (Al2Oor Alucone)
Ozone Generator Optional (15g/hr)
Safety Industry safety interlock, alarm, EMO
Warranty 1 year

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