MSE PRO Porous Nickel Foam (300 mm L x 200 mm W x 1.6 mm T) for Battery and Supercapacitor Research

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Porous nickel foam has been widely used in battery, supercapacitor and catalysis applications due to its light weight, high porosity and good stability. In catalysis field, the porous nickel foam is used as catalyst support which can reduce ion transfer resistance and facilitate the diffusion of gaseous products. In battery/supercapacitor field, the porous nickel foam can be used as substrate for in-situ hierarchical electrode preparation and  thin film deposition. The as prepared electrode materials shows a better cycling performance, rate capability and larger charge/discharge capacity. 


Product SKU# BR0112
Pack Size 1 piece




300 mm X 200 mm or customized


1.6 mm or customized between 0.3~1.8 mm

Net weight 21 g
Surface density  320 g/m2

97%, 110 pores per inch (110 PPI)

Pore size

~0.25 mm

Longitudinal tensile strength ≥95 N/cm2
Longitudinal elongation  ≥ 5%
Transverse tensile strength ≥60 N/cm2
Transverse elongation  ≥ 10%
Chemical Compositions Ni+Co≥99.80% Fe≤0.02% C≤0.03% P≤0.2% Cu≤0.01% Si≤0.005% S≤0.008%



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