Porous Aluminum Foam (300 mm L x 200 mm W x 4 mm T) for Battery Research,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Porous Aluminum Foam (300 mm L x 200 mm W x 10 mm T) for Battery Research

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Product details:

Porous aluminum foam has unique features such as high porosity, light weight, high rigidity and strength, and a large specific surface area. It can be used for noise, energy and heat absorption, sensor and catalysis applications. In battery research, the porous aluminum foam can improve the capacity, cycling performance and thermal management of batteries.  

Specifications of Porous Aluminum Foam

Product SKU# BR0305
Pack Size 1 piece
Material Aluminum (>98%)
Size 300 mm x 200 mm (Customizable)
Thickness 10 mm
Pore size 1 mm
Porosity 50~80%
Through Hole Rate ≥98%



1. High power density Al-air batteries with commercial three-dimensional aluminum foam anode, Ionics, 26, 5045–5054(2020)

2. Thermal management improvement of an air-cooled high-power lithium-ion battery by embedding metal foam, J. Power Sources, 296, 2015, 305-313