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MSE PRO Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Wafer (Thermal Conductivity: 1800W/m.K, Ra < 1nm)

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MSE PRO Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Wafer (Thermal Conductivity: 1800W/m.K, Ra < 1nm)

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) belongs to wide band gap materials group. It has properties similar to single crystal diamonds (SCD), including exceptional thermal conductivity, high electron mobility, and high power capacity. These properties make it an excellent materials in improving the reliability and enhancing the power density while reducing the size of the power devices. The main differences between PCD and SCD are that PCD has slightly lower thermal conductivity compared with SCD; however, it is more commonly used in industry due to the lower cost and availability in large size. It is used in various applications, including heat spreader, cutting tool, epitaxy substrate, and power electronics. For example, researchers at University of Bath grow epitaxial GaN films on a polycrystalline diamond wafer for high power application resulting in a promising solution for heat dissipation problem.



WA1904: 10mm x 10mm

Thickness 0.3mm
Thickness Tolerance ± 5%
Bulk Resistivity 1012
Surface Resistivity 1010
Thermal Conductivity 1800W/m.K
Thermal Diffusivity at 300K > 10cm2s-1
Surface#1, Surface Roughness Ra < 1nm
Surface#2, Surface Roughness Ra < 50nm
Quantity 1 piece

*The figure is for reference only. The actual product may look different due to configuration difference.

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