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MSE PRO Polyaniline Sorbent, 500g/bottle

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MSE PRO™ Polyaniline Sorbent


Polyaniline (PANI) with unique physicochemical properties is characterized by good conductivity, stability, easy synthesis, redox properties, porous structure (and hence a relatively large surface area), and the affinity toward many analytes related to its ability to establish different types of interactions. Some of the aforementioned features make PANI a promising material for sample pretreatment aiming at recovery of analytes from samples, removal of interferents that may disturb the analysis, and/or concentration of the analyte before instrumental determination.

Store sealed and light-protected at 4℃.

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  • SKU#: PO9425
  • Diameter: 150-250 nm
  • Length: 0.5-2 um
    • Water content: 50-60 wt%
    • Acid and alkali resistant: PH (0-14)
    • Appearance: Black wet powder
    • Package size: 500 g/bottle
    Interferents Primary adsorption rate 
    1,000ppm COD 20%-30% (organic waste water)
    20,000ppm Chloride ions 48% (desulfurization raw wastewater)
    20,000ppm Fluoride ions 90% (high fluoride raw water)
    Metal ions below 500ppm Hg, Ge, Sn, Cd, Pb, As, Ni, Fe, Zn 90% (>300mg/g)
    Ca 70%
    Mg 5%


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