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MSE PRO Plasma Cleaner for TEM Sample Preparation

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MSE PRO™ Plasma Cleaner for TEM Sample Preparation

MSE Supplies offers a Plasma Cleaner, that is ideal for lab TEM sample preparation. It uses a high-performance vacuum dry pump to achieve a clean vacuum pressure of <50 Pa in less than 2 minutes. It employs a high-quality constant power RF power supply to ensure process repeatability. The induction RF discharge mode significantly reduces thermal impact and ion bombardment damage to the samples. It is particularly suitable for plasma cleaning, surface activation, and hydrophilization of TEM or SEM samples that are sensitive to temperature or bombardment.

The touch screen enables automatic control, making it a plug-and-play system.

MSE Supplies is a leading Sputtering Targets supplier and offers custom-made high purity sputtering targets

Technical Specifications

SKU# MA0606
Chamber Size ~Ø 150*90 mm
Chamber Material Stainless steel chamber
Pumping Speed > 0.7 m3/h
Sputtering Power Target size: Ø 80 mm, adjustable power range: 10-50W, 13.56 MHz
Pumping Time < 2 mins
Ultimate Vacuum < 50 Pa
Working Pressure 60-150 Pa
Gas Control Constant pressure closed loop control
Operation Method  Screen Touch Control
Weight  about 20 kg
Dimension 430*385*410 mm
Supply Voltage 110V (220V, other voltages are possible on request)
Power Consumption < 300 W
Cooling Method Air cooled
Warranty One-year limited warranty with lifetime product support