MSE PRO Particle Vacuum Dispenser for SEM and LOM Sample Preparations

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MSE PRO™ Particle Vacuum Dispenser SEM and LOM Sample Preparations

MSE Supplies offers a Particle Vacuum Dispenser designed to address the evolving needs that demand unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in particle dispensing applications, such as SEM and LOM sample preparations, etc.

The working principle of this device: Firstly, a small amount of powder is deposited into the device. Vacuum pressure is applied, and upon a sudden trigger, the vacuum seal is momentarily disrupted. This action causes the sample to be rapidly drawn into the vacuum reservoir. The sudden suction induces turbulent flow characterized by high Reynolds numbers and shear forces, resulting in the breakup of agglomerates and the uniform dispersion of particles throughout the reservoir volume.

This device has many advantages and features. It offers exceptional precision for accurate particle dispensing in microliter increments, which is crucial for applications where even slight deviations matter. With its adaptable design, the dispenser accommodates various particle types and sizes. Users can customize the dispenser to meet specific application demands. Additionally, it offers high-throughput dispensing, optimizing production processes for overall operational efficiency.

Vacuum pump as standard accessory is included.


Brand: MSE PRO

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

Technical Specifications

SKU# MA0605
Working Pressure 0.08 Pa
Vacuuming Time < 1 Min (0.08 Pa)
Chamber φ100*200mm, Scratch resistant quartz glass
Operation Method Instruction manual
Weight  10 Kg
Size, L*W*H 280*240*560 mm
Power Supply AC 110V 60Hz
Power Consumption < 500 W
Warranty One year limited warranty with lifetime product support