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MSE PRO Nanocellulose Water Solution, 100mL/bottle

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MSE PRO™ Nanocellulose Water Solution

Nanocellulose is a nanoscale form of cellulose obtained from the disintegration of large cellulose units by breaking their intra-and inter-molecular hydrogen bonding in-betweens chains. Nanocellulose enables the fabrication of chiral thin films, photonic crystals, gels, liquid crystals, and other soft materials. Furthermore, these nanoscale raw materials can be chemically or physically modified to create novel nanomaterials with unique properties.

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SKU# CM2038 CM2039 CM2040
Concentration 1 wt% 2 wt% 3 wt%
Diameter 15-25 nm
Length  200-300 nm
Dispersion water
Appearance Slight white liquid
Package 100 mL/bottle

Note: Package weight calculated by solid content.

Storage: Keep it sealed, avoid light exposure, store at 4℃


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