MSE PRO Mesoporous Mobil Composition of Matter No. 41 (MCM-41) Nano Powder

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Mesoporous Mobil Composition of Matter No. 41 (MCM-41) Nano Powder

  • Product Number: PO6703 (20g), PO6708 (50g), PO6709 (100g)
  • Appearance: white powder
  • CAS Number: 7631-86-9
  • BET Surface Area: ≥800 m2/g
  • Pore Volume: 0.9-1.25 cm3/g
  • Relative Crystallinity: ≥90%
  • Pore Diameter: 3-5 nm
  • Particle Size: 200nm~1um
  • Loss on Ignition: ≤10%


MCM-41 (Mobil Composition of Matter No. 41) is a mesoporous material with a hierarchical structure from a family of silicate and alumosilicate solids that were first developed by researchers at Mobil Oil Corporation and that can be used as catalysts or catalyst supports. MCM-41 consists of a regular arrangement of cylindrical mesopores that form a one-dimensional pore system. It is characterized by an independently adjustable pore diameter, sharp pore distribution, large surface and pore volume. The mesopores have a diameter of 2 nm to 6.5 nm. MCM-41 show potential on catalytic cracking, residue hydrocracking, lube oil hydrofinishing, alkylation, olefin polymerisation, separation of CO2 and CH4, and other acid catalysis related fields. In addition, MCM-41 performs well on heterogeneous catalysis, ion exchange, sensing technology, adsorption and separating etc.

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