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MSE PRO Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Nanopowder, 50nm, ≥99.9% (3N) Purity, 500g

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MSE PRO™ Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Nanopowder, 50nm, 99.9% (3N) Purity, 500g

  • Product Number: PO2203
  • Formula: MgO
  • CAS Number: 1309-48-4
  • Molecular Weight: 40.3g/mol
  • Particle Size: 50nm
  • Purity: ≥99.9% 3N
  • Appearance: White powder


Magnesium oxide nanoparticles (MgO NPs) have emerged as a potential candidate for meeting ends of various problems due to their unique properties such as biodegradability, non-toxicity, inhibition of biofilm growth and degradation of harmful dyes. MgO NPs are promising structural materials in biological implants due to their high strength to weight ratio, low density, good functionality, recycling activity, and hygroscopic nature; these characteristics increase their utility manifolds. MgO NPs have wide range of applications in industries and biomedical for bone regeneration; as a medicine for anti-bactericidal and antimicrobial inhibition, they are also used in cryoinjury and apart from this they are also employed in sorption of uranium ions, catalysis, lithium ion batteries and toxic waste curation.

Notes: More detailed product information including SDS, certificate of analysis (COA), customized order are available upon request.

Impurity Analysis (wt%) by ICP
Si ≤0.015 Fe ≤0.015
Na ≤0.005 K ≤0.005
Al ≤0.010 P ≤0.005
Ca ≤0.005 B ≤0.005
Cr ≤0.005 W ≤0.005
Mn ≤0.005 S ≤0.010
Zn ≤0.005 Others ≤0.005



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