Lanthanum (III) Oxide (La<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>) 99.999% 5N Powder,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Lanthanum (III) Oxide (La2O3) 99.9995% 5N5 High Purity Powder

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Lanthanum (III) Oxide, La2O3, 99.9995% 5N5 High Purity Powder

  • Product Number: PO3510 (100 g)
  • Formula: La2O3
  • CAS Number: 1312-81-8
  • Molecular Weight: 325.81  g/mol
  • Density: 6.51 g/cm³ at 25°C
  • Melting Point: 2215°C
  • Color: white powder
  • Solubility: Insoluble in water.
  • Purity: 99.9995% 5N5 (La2O3/TREO*), La2O3 > 99.9%
* TREO - Total Rare Earth Oxides


    High purity La2O3 (Lanthanum (III) Oxide or Lanthanum Sesquioxide) is used in ceramics, glass, ferroelectric materials, and optical materials.  Lanthanum oxide has p-type semiconducting properties and a band gap of approximately 5.8 eV. Its average room temperature resistivity is 10 kΩ·cm, which decreases with an increase in temperature.  La2O3 is commonly used as a host material in making laser gain media. La2O3 powder is also used to synthesize solid state electrolyte garnet LLZO materials, which can be ordered from MSE Supplies

    Notes: More detailed product information including SDS, certificate of analysis (COA), lead time and volume pricing are available upon request. 

    Rare Earth Impurities Content (ppm)

    Non- Rare Earth Impurities Content (ppm)

    CeO2    <1.00

    Fe2O3   <1.00

    Pr6O11  <1.00

    SiO2   <7.00

    Nd2O3  <1.00

    CaO    <2.00

    Sm2O3   <1.00

    Cl-   <45.00

    Eu2O3  <1.00


    Gd2O3   <1.00


    Tb4O7   <1.00


    Dy2O3   <1.00

    Loss on Ignition (L.O.I.)   0.43%

    Ho2O3   <1.00


    Er2O3   <1.00


    Tm2O3   <1.00


    Yb2O3   <1.00


    Lu2O3   <1.00


    Y2O3   <1.00


    Trace metal analysis: ICP



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    O.Y. Dolmatov, V.V> Zakusilov, M.S. Kuznetsov, and A.O. Semenov. Structural Modification of La2O3-TiO2_B Mixture After Mechanical Activation. IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering. Vol. 142, 012042, 2016, doi:10.1088/1757-899X/142/1/012042.