MSE PRO Laboratory Low-temperature Mill (Cryogrinder)

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MSE PRO™ Laboratory Low-temperature Mill (Cryogrinder)

MSE Supplies offers a laboratory low-temperature mill, which is also called cryogrinder. DNA detection and polymer analysis are becoming increasingly important. To preserve the original components and biological information of samples, it is necessary to adopt low-temperature pulverization. This CryoGrinder chills the sample in liquid nitrogen and pulverizes them with a magnetically driven impactor. The samples become brittle, and the volatile components are preserved under low temperatures, allowing for a more effective grinding effect. The automatic control function of liquid nitrogen content prevents manual operation, reducing the risk of contact and potential danger.

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    Working Principle

    Size reduction takes place through electromagnetic oscillation impact. The sample and the metal impactor are loaded into the grinding jar together. The grinding jar is sealed at both ends with plug heads and placed into the electromagnetic vibration drum coil. The electromagnetic coil, along with the grinding jar, is immersed in liquid nitrogen for pre-cooling. The entire grinding process occurs in liquid nitrogen (-196 ℃). The magnetic force generated by the coil drives the impactor to move horizontally, continuously impacting and grinding the sample that has been frozen and embrittled.

    Features and advantages

    • Electromagnetic vibration impact guarantees fast grinding speed, high precision, good uniformity, and repeatability.
    • The liquid nitrogen automatic filling system automatically supplements the liquid nitrogen consumed in the sample freezing and grinding process to ensure stability and safety.
    • The industrial touch screen control panel allows you to set impact frequency, pre-cooling time, impact grinding time, and cycle grinding times easily, making it convenient and reliable to operate.
    • Safety design: When the instrument cover is open, the instrument cannot be started. The instrument can only be started when the cover is closed and locked.
    • Streamlined and ergonomic design for simple and convenient operation.
    • When the liquid nitrogen level falls below the set value, the liquid sensor will trigger an alarm and automatically replenish the liquid nitrogen. The instrument will stop running to protect the electromagnetic coil from damage.

      Applications of Cryogrinder:

      It is applied to samples with high toughness and thermal sensitivity that are difficult to grind and crush at room temperature, such as rubber, plastic, food, minerals, animal and plant tissues, drug formulations, biochemical DNA detection, cell disruption, and other fields.

        Technical Data

        SKU MA1117
        Single grinding time 2min
        The shortest pre-cooling time 4.5min
        Batch capacity 0.1-100g
        Pre-cooling chamber 400ml
        Grinding chamber 200ml
        Liquid nitrogen filling system Manual/automatic optional
        Impact frequency 5-15Hz
        Rated power 1.9kW
        Power supply 110V, 60Hz
        Instrument size 510*440*450mm
        Package size 870*720*750mm
        Grinding jars 4 groups (4x3=12 pieces)/ jars of 3ml/4 jars of 20ml/ one jar of 100ml/ one jar of 200ml

        Standard accessories included cryo kit (crygenic glovers and goggles), pre-cooling basket. Please order grinding kits and grinding set opener tools separately in the below link.

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