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MSE PRO Laboratory Compact Microwave Digestion Instrument, 6/8/10 Vessels

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MSE PRO™ Laboratory Compact Microwave Digestion Instrument, 6/8/10 Vessels

MSE Supplies offers a Laboratory Compact Microwave Digestion Instrument. It is widely used in environmental analysis, food safety, pharmaceuticals, health supplements, cosmetics, tobacco, and biological samples. Microwave digestion, as an efficient sample pre-treatment method, offers several advantages over traditional hotplate digestion, including rapid heating, uniform heating, reduced reagent consumption, low blank values, and high energy efficiency. It is particularly effective in preserving sample integrity and achieving high sample recovery rates in the analysis and detection of volatile elements.

This series is a compact and cost-effective model as compared with others. Despite its small size, it delivers the similar powerful performance. With a 10-position rotor, it can meet the requirements of most experiments. This makes it an excellent choice for school laboratories, general factory labs, research institutes, etc,.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 

Manufacturer: MSE Supplies LLC

Features of MSE PRO™ Laboratory Compact Microwave Digestion Instrument

  • Compatible with 6/8/10-position rotors to meet various digestion requirements.
  • Vertical waveguide design, 3D output technology, and harmonic power frequency ensure highly uniform microwave distribution.
  • The system adopts imported contactless IR sensors and pressure sensors for temperature and pressure control. This enables real-time monitoring of temperature and pressure in each vessel, displaying the T&P scanning curve.
  • No consumables such as bursting disks or sealing cups are needed, lowering maintenance costs.
  • The robust outer shell is constructed from durable carbon fiber and polymeric materials, ensuring high safety.
  • Equipped with a smart 7-inch touchscreen, intelligent software, and a user-friendly interface.
  • Multiple international application methods are pre-installed, and users can also edit, modify, and delete specific methods.
  • Equipped with a 316L stainless explosion-proof cavity coated with multilayer anticorrosive and heat-resistant coatings, greatly extending its service life and ensuring operational safety.
  • High-power turbulent air cooling design enables fast cooling.
  • Professional electromagnetic protection design, compatible with high-level microwave leakage protection standards.

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Technical Specifications

SKU# MA0626 MA0627 MA0628
Vessel Quantity 6 8 10
Temperature Monitoring System Contactless IR Sensor
All Vessels Scanning Monitoring
Temperature Controlling Range: 50~400℃
Display Accuracy: ±0.1℃
Pressure Monitoring System Contactless Pressure Sensors
All Vessels Scanning Monitoring
Working Pressure Range: 0~6MPa
Vessel Volume 100mL
Max. Working Temperature 250℃
Display 7 inch color touch screen
Rotation 360° continuous rotating
Microwave Power 0~1000W (Adjustable)
Microwave Leakage <5mW/cm2
Power AC 220V
Dimension (L×W×H) 490×560×533mm
Weight 40kg