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MSE PRO Laboratory Benchtop Turbidity Meter

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MSE PRO™ Laboratory Benchtop Turbidity Meter

A turbidity meter is a device used to measure the turbidity of water. The turbidity of the water sample is determined by measuring the transmitted light intensity, scattered light intensity, and either the incident light intensity or the ratio of transmitted light intensity to scattered light intensity. This instrument is widely used in various fields such as beverage and food production, water quality monitoring, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

  • 850nm LED light source
  • Nephelometric principle with 90° detection
  • 2 photodiodes to ensure high accuracy
  • 1-6 points calibration By Formazin standards or zero water
  • Data capacity of up to 2000 sets (GLP-compliant).
  • Data stored can be transferred into the computer by USB or RS-232 communication interface

MSE Supplies also provides various benchtop and pocket analyzers for pH/mV/Conductivity/Temperature/OPR/Turbidity/Salinity measurement. Please contact us for more information.


SKU# MA0838
Power Supply 110VAC, 60Hz
Measuring Unit
Measuring Range

(0-20.00) NTU,

(20.0-200.0) NTU,

(200-1000) NTU

±2% of reading +0.02 NTU
Repeatability ≤0.5%
Fluctuation ±0.5%FS/30min
Dimensions 330mm×250mm×130mm
Weight 2.5kg


Guillermo R. Castro, Eduardo P. Andribet, Luis M. Ducrey, Oscar A. Garro, Faustino Siñeriz, Modelling and operation of a turbidity-meter for on-line monitoring of microbial growth in fermenters, Process Biochemistry, Volume 30, Issue 8, 1995, Pages 767-772, ISSN 1359-5113.