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MSE PRO Lab Anti-scalding Vertical Top-loading Sterilizer Autoclave, Capacity 60L

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MSE PRO™ Lab Anti-scalding Vertical Top-loading Sterilizer Autoclave

The vertical sterilizer autoclave employs saturated water vapor to penetrate the microorganisms on the load, causing the denaturing of proteins and death of the microorganisms. This is an ideal method for steam sterilization of items like culture media, medical devices, glassware, containers, and waste. It is commonly utilized in biomedicine, food, inspection and testing, inspection and quarantine, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, environmental protection, scientific research, and other related industries.


  • Equipped with capacitive touchscreens, allows users to monitor the operating parameters and working status diagram in real-time
  • Crafted with anti-scalding properties and a heat-insulating, aesthetically pleasing exterior
  • Equipped with eight preset programs and six customized programs
  • Six-level cold air discharge programs provide positive pressure pulse for comprehensive cold air discharge
  • Post-sterilization, users may select from 6 different pressure release rates
  • Classic handwheel type door opening structure, with double protection of pressure mechanical self-locking and closed cover self-inspection
  • One key electric drainage, more convenient for operation
  • Possesses boiling point setting functionality, ensuring it can reach the appropriate sterilization temperatures even at higher altitudes
  • Fault-detection, temp shutdown, water cutoff, self-discharge, anti-scalding, overload, short-circuit, leakage, electronic over-voltage protections, and additional safeguards guarantee safe operation
    MSE Supplies offers different capacities of autoclaves. For more information, please contact us.
    SKU# MA2021
    Power supply voltage 208V/60Hz (No plug)
    Input power 3200W
    Capacity 60L
    Chamber dimension (D×H) ⌀400×509mm
    Chamber material Stainless Steel
    Basket dimension (D×H) ⌀370×245mm
    Number of basket 2
    Temperature Sterilization 105-135℃
    Temperature accuracy ±1℃
    Temperature uniformity ≤1℃
    Dissolution 50-100℃
    Warming 40-60℃
    Temperature resolution 0.1℃
    Time Sterilization 0-120min
    Dissolution 0-6000min
    Warming 0-6000min
    Auto-start start 0-6000min later
    Pressure Working pressure 0.22Mpa
    Pressure gauge display 0-0.4Mpa
    Outside dimension (L×W×H) 535×640×1075mm
    Net weight 100kg

    Note: ① No plug included; you need to connect the power cord to the air circuit-breaker with leakage protection