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MSE PRO High Purity Boron Oxide (B2O3) Powder, 99.999%, 5N

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MSE PRO™ High Purity Boron Oxide (B2O3) Powder, 99.999%, 5N

Boron Oxide (B2O3), also called boron trioxide, is an important source of boron in the production of semiconductors, optical materials, boron compounds, glasses and ceramics.

High purity 5N 99.999% Boron Oxide (Boron Trioxide, B2O3) offered by MSE Supplies is used in applications such as optics, semiconductors, nuclear and energy technologies, and electronics. B2O3 can serve as an inert capping layer encapsulated Bridgman technique of growth of semiconductor crystals such as CdTe and GaAs. High purity boron oxide is also used as a dopant for silicon wafers and a boron source for evaporation and thin film deposition. High purity B2O3 can be used to make borosilicate glasses and as a catalyst in organic chemical reactions.

Technical Data

Product Name Boron Oxide
  • Boric Anhydride
  • Di-Boron Trioxide
  • 100g: CM4010
  • 500g: CM4011
  • 1kg: CM4012
Chemical Formula B2O3
CAS# 1303-86-2
Appearance White Powder
Molecular Weight 69.61 g/mol
Melting Point 450 °C
pH 4 (25 °C, 10 g/L in H2O)
Solubility 36 g/L
Density 2.46 g/cm3 at 20 °C
Purity >99.999%
  • Fe< 0.009 ppm
  • Mn< 0.003 ppm
  • Mg< 0.004 ppm
  • Pb< 0.004 ppm
  • Sn< 0.001 ppm
  • Bi< 0.002 ppm
  • Ag< 0.001 ppm
  • Al< 0.004 ppm
  • Mo< 0.001 ppm
  • Co< 0.002 ppm
  • Ni< 0.003 ppm
  • Cu< 0.003 ppm
  • Ca< 0.009 ppm


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