MSE PRO High Purity Alumina (Al2O3) Sample Pan for TGA and DSC

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High purity alumina (Al2O3) ceramic has features such as low cost, high melting point, high hardness and good chemical stability. Alumina sample pans are widely used in thermal analysis such as TGA and DSC.  MSE Supplies offers a variety of high purity alumina sample pans for different instrument models.  Please contact us at for your special needs and customized solutions.


Dimensions Suitable for Equipment Models
JA1125 OD6.5mm*H4mm TA Q600
JA1126 OD6.8mm*H4mm NETZSCH DSC404C DTA404PC STA409PC STA449C
JA1358 OD6.8mm*H4mm with lid NETZSCH DSC404C DTA404PC STA409PC STA449C
JA1127 OD10mm*H25mm
JA1128 OD4.5mm*H7mm PerkinElmer
JA1185 OD8mm*H4.5mm Mettler Toledo
JA1386 OD6mm*H4.5mm with lid Mettler Toledo
JA1195 OD5mm*H4mm Setaram, PerkinElmer
JA1197 OD5mm*H2.5mm PerkinElmer
JA1383 OD12mm*H25mm


Thermal Analysis Testing Services (TGA-DSC-DTA) are also available at MSE Supplies through our MSE Analytical Services department. 

MSE Analytical Services

MSE Analytical Services department provides high value materials characterization analytical services with a large number of advanced analytical instruments available to measure your samples. Accurate, Efficient, and Affordable materials analytical services with guaranteed best value.

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