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MSE PRO High Purity Alumina (Al2O3) Disk, 5pcs/pk

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MSE PROHigh Purity Alumina (Al2O3) Disk, 5pcs/pk

Product details

High purity alumina (Al2O3) has high melting point, high hardness, excellent electrical insulation, low thermal expansion and high chemical resistance. It is widely used for high temperature tube furnace.

No warranty is provided for alumina disks. MSE Supplies is only responsible for the defect or damage within 1 week after the package delivery. 

Standard Products and Specifications

Purity: >99%

SKU# Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm)
JA1246 42
JA1247 82

Dimensions can be customized upon request. The dimensions listed above are for reference only. Please contact us if you need tight tolerance or polishing.