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MSE PRO High Purity 99.99% Quartz Erlenmeyer Flasks

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MSE PRO™ High Purity 99.99% Quartz Erlenmeyer Flasks

Quartz Erlenmeyer Flasks are durable and versatile lab-ware designed for mixing, heating, and storing liquids. Made from high-quality quartz, these flasks offer superior thermal and chemical resistance, making them ideal for high-temperature applications and use with aggressive chemicals. The conical shape with a flat bottom and narrow neck allows for easy mixing and pouring while minimizing spillage. Quartz Erlenmeyer flasks are commonly used in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and industrial research for tasks requiring precise thermal and chemical stability. Their robustness and resistance to thermal shock ensure reliable performance in various laboratory settings.

Standard Products and Specifications of Quartz Erlenmeyer Flasks from MSE Supplies:

Purity: >99.99% SiO(4N purity)

Maximum use temperature: 1200 °C. 

It is recommended to use the quartz Erlenmeyer Flasks below 1000 °C. The Flasks may crack or deform under continuous heating above 1000 °C. Quartz Erlenmeyer Flasks are considered as consumables which are not covered by warranty. 

*Erlenmeyer Flasks in this page have no lids included, for the one with lids please click here.

SKU Volume (mL) Neck Diameter (mm) Bottom Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Min. Wall Thickness (mm)
JA1490 25 23 42 70 0.8
JA1491 50 26 51 85 0.8
JA1492 100 32 64 105 0.8
JA1493 250 34 85 140 0.9
JA1494 500 38 105 175 0.9
JA1495 1000 45 131 220 1.3
JA1496 2000 50 166 280 1.5
JA1497 3000 50 187 310 1.8
JA1498 5000 50 220 365 1.8

Size can be customized upon requested. Please contact us for customization. The volume listed above and the picture are for reference only. Please contact us if you need more information.