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MSE PRO High Flow Stepper Motor Precision Peristaltic Pump

SKU: LS0331

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MSE PRO™ High Flow Stepper Motor Precision Peristaltic Pump

MSE Supplies offers High Flow Stepper Motor Precision Peristaltic Pump. It is a high flow peristaltic dosing pump with a flow rate range from 1.3 to 12000mL/min. It is equipped with pump heads such as YZ35 and YZ35-13. Easy digital knob adjustment, and two-way large torque. The current flow or speed is displayed through a 4-digit LED, and the liquid volume can be calibrated. It supports the RS485/MODBUS communication protocol, and the knob adjusts the parameters. The operation is simple and convenient.

This model differs from the LS0342 MSE PRO™ High Flow Peristaltic Pump in that it utilizes a "stepper motor", which allows for a more controlled operation through precise increments and better repeatability with each circulation. 

This Peristaltic Pump comes with YZ35-13 pump head and 2 meters of 82# silicon tube (ID: 13mm and WT: 3.3mm) as standard accessory. For additional tubes/pump heads beyond the standard configuration, please contact us for more detail.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 


  • Power-off Saving: Automatically saves control parameters in case of a power failure.
  • One-Touch Full Speed: Enables quick cleaning, filling, and emptying of pipes, thereby saving time.
  • Flow Calibration: Allows for setting a target flow and inputting the actual flow value, enabling automatic flow correction by the system.
  • Suction Function: Customizable pump operation that reverses upon shutdown to prevent liquid dripping.
  • External Control Capability: Supports RS485/MODBUS communication protocols and can be tailored to meet specific customer protocol requirements.
  • Cascade Capable: Equipped with bidirectional high-torque, low-power consumption motors that allow for cascading multiple pump heads.

Technical Data:

SKU# LS0331
Speed Range 0.1~600 rpm (reversible)
Speed Resolution 0.1 rpm
Flow Rate 1.3~12000 mL/min
Speed Mode Digital knob to adjust the speed.
Pump Head YZ35-13 as standard (For other types please contact us.)
Standard tube accessory

Length: 2 m

82# Tubing

Inner Diameter: 13 mm 

Wall Thickness:  3.3 mm

Display Mode 4-LED display
Power Supply AC110 V
Power Consumption <400 W
Suction Angle 10°-720° (0° means no back suction)
Suction Speed 10-300 rpm
External Control Interface Start control/direction control/speed control (0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA optional) RS485 serial communication.
Drive Size 364×238×226mm
Drive Weight 19kg

Flow Rates for Different Tubing Compatible with the YZ35-13 Pump Head

Applicable Tubing: 73#, 82#

Tubing size (ID x Wall thickness) Min. flow rate(0.1rpm) Max. flow rate (600 rpm)
9.6 mm x 3.3 mm (73#) 1.3 mL/min 7400 mL/min
13 mm x 3.3 mm (82#) 2 mL/min 12000 mL/min