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MSE PRO High Flow Rate Digital Transfer Peristaltic Pump, Max Flow 33L/min

SKU: LS0335

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MSE PRO™ High Flow Rate Digital Transfer Peristaltic Pump, Max Flow 33L/min

MSE Supplies offers a High Flow Rate Digital Transfer Peristaltic Pump, the max speed of which can be up to 350rpm. The parameters are adjusted by knobs, making operation simple and convenient. The current flow or speed is displayed through a 4-digit LED, and the liquid volume can be calibrated. With the KZ50 pump head installed, the maximum flow can reach 33L. It features bidirectional large torque, making it adaptable to different working environments, and supports RS485/MODBUS communication protocol. 

This Peristaltic Pump comes with KZ50 pump head and 2 meters of 92# silicon tube (ID: 25.4mm and WT: 4.8mm) as standard accessory. 

Brand: MSE PRO™ 


    • Minimalist operation: Digital knob for speed adjustment and function setting, ensuring simple operation.
    • Suction back function: Enables quick cleaning, filling, and emptying of the pipeline.
    • Power-off save: Automatically saves control parameters during the last power-off.
    • Flow calibration: After setting the target flow, input the actual flow value, and the system will automatically perform flow calibration.
    • External control function: Supports RS485MODBUS communication protocol, which can also be customized according to customer needs.
    • Can be cascaded: The KZ50 pump head can be installed, allowing for a maximum transmission of 33L.

    Technical Data:

    SKU# LS0335
    Speed Range 0.1 ~ 350 rpm (reversible)
    Speed Resolution 0.1 rpm
    Flow Rate Max flow 33,000 mL/min
    Speed Mode Digital knob to adjust speed
    Pump Head KZ50
    Standard Tube Accessory

    Length: 2 m

    92# Tubing

    Inner Diameter: 25.4 mm 

    Wall Thickness:  4.8 mm

    Display Mode 4-digit LED displays current speed/flow
    Suction Angle 10°-720° (0° means no back suction)
    Power Supply AC110 V
    Power Consumption <750 W
    Timing Range 0.1 s ~ 9999 min
    Quantitative Range 0.001 mL ~ 9999 L
    External Control Method Start control/direction control/speed control (0 ~ 5 V, 0 ~ 10 V, 4 ~ 20 mA optional) RS485 serial communication.
    Drive Size 303 x 374 x 281 mm
    Drive Weight 27 kg