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MSE PRO Hastelloy N Sputtering Target

SKU: TA2302

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Hastelloy N Sputtering Target

Hastelloy®N alloy (UNS N10003), a nickel-base alloy, is used as a container material for molten fluoride salts. It has good oxidation resistance to hot fluoride salts between 1300 to 1600°F (704 to 871°C).

Chemical Compositions
C Carbon 0.08 max
Mn Manganese 0.8 max
Si Silicon 1.0 max
Cr Chromium 7.0
Mo Molybdenum 16.0
Co Cobalt 0.2 max
Fe Iron 5.0 max
Al + Ti Aluminum + Titanium 0.35 max
Ni Nickel balance

Target Specifications:

SKU # TA2302
Material Hastelloy N
Purity 99.9%

2.0 inches in diameter and 0.25 inch thick

Other typical sizes and customized sizes are available upon request.