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MSE PRO Hastelloy C276 Sputtering Target

SKU: TA2304

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Hastelloy C276 Sputtering Target

Hastelloy® C-276 alloy (UNS N10276), a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy, has an excellent welding performance due to the extremely low carbon and silicon contents. It was widely accepted in the waster treatment, chemical process and associated industries. 

Chemical Compositions
C Carbon 0.01 max
Mn Manganese 1.0 max
Si Silicon 0.08 max
Cr Chromium 16.0
Mo Molybdenum 16.0
Co Cobalt 2.5 max
Fe Iron 5.0
W Tungsten 4.0
V Vanadium 0.35 max
Cu Copper 0.5 max
Ni Nickel balance

Target Specifications:

SKU # TA2304
Material Hastelloy C276 
Purity 99.9%

2.0 inches in diameter and 0.25 inch thick

Other typical sizes and customized sizes are available upon request.