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MSE PRO Graphene Quantum Dots Powder (White Fluorescence), 50mg

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MSE PRO™ Graphene Quantum Dots Powder (White Fluorescence)


Graphene Quantum dots can be used in various fields including composite materials, bio-labeling, optoelectronic devices, fluorescence materials, identifying the poytotoxicity, ecotoxicity, natural antioxidants exert anti-inflammatory effects, etc. White fluorescence graphene quantum dot have significant potential for application in (LED) and other areas.

Store sealed and light-protected at room temperature. Sonicate at 700W for 30 min if dispersion needed. The dispersion should be formulated just before use.

MSE Supplies offers a variety of quantum dots (QDs) products, include graphene oxide QDs, graphene QDs, sulfur QDs, carbon QDs, silicon QDs, etc. We can also provide liquid form quantum dots. Please contact us for more information.


SKU# Package Size Fluorescence Quantum (at%) Appearance  Suggest Solvent
PO9402 50mg/bottle 23.66%
Brownish black powder DMF


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