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MSE PRO Graphdiyne Film on 100um Cu Base, 1cm×1cm

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    Product SKU: CM8056

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MSE PRO™ Graphdiyne Film on 100um Cu Base, 1cm×1cm


Graphdiyne (GDY) is a novel two-dimensional carbon allotrope, a new all-carbon nanostructural material following fullerene, carbon nanotubes, and graphene. Graphdiyne features abundant carbon-carbon bonds, a large conjugated system, wide interlayer spacing, and excellent chemical stability. It is hailed as the most stable synthetic all-carbon isomer of diyne carbon. Its unique sp-sp2 hybridized carbon atoms, uniform pores, and highly π-conjugated structure present extensive application prospects in fields such as gas separation, catalysis, water treatment, humidity sensors, energy, and more.

Store sealed and light-protected at room temperature.

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  • SKU#: CM8056
  • Appearance: Black Film
  • Size: 1cm×1cm (Customizable)
  • Thickness: 300-500nm
  • Base: Cu
  • Thickness of Base: ~100um


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