MSE PRO ESD Safe Precision Fixed Tips Tweezers (Pack of 2)

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MSE PRO™ ESD Safe Precision Fixed Tips Tweezers (Pack of 2)

MSE Supplies offers electrostatic discharge (ESD) Safe Precision Fixed Tips Tweezers in pack of two. The handle is made of non-magnetic 302 stainless steel with protective coating (conductive plastic glue). The coating prevents ESD damage from harming electronics. It offers several features including anti-static, high precision, non-magnetic and acid-proof. It is widely used for the processing and installation of components that is sensitive to static.


SKU# LS0608 LS0609 LS0610
Material 302 Stainless Steel 
Total Length  110mm 135mm 116mm
Head Length 30mm 55mm 33mm
Rigidity (HRC) 40 ~ 45
Pack 2pc/pack

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