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MSE PRO ESD Safe Vacuum Tweezer

SKU: LS0652

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MSE PRO™ ESD Safe Vacuum Tweezer 

MSE Supplies offers ESD Safe Pick-Up Tool / Vacuum Tweezer. It is a budget friendly and simple to operate tool that should be in everyone's tool box. The user can squeeze the bulb (side), attached the cups to the target item, and relax the squeeze to firmly grip the target item. To pick up larger and heavier item, user can switch to a larger cup (10mm diameter cup can pick up up to 40g). It is a perfect tool for picking up small delicate objects.

SKU# LS0652


SKU# LS0652
Total Length (without probe)
Body Material
Black plastic (ESD Safe)
Probes  2 angled & 2 straight included 
Cups Total 4 cups included (Diameter: 3mm (two), 6.5mm (one), 10mm (one))
Packing Pack of 1 set as mentioned (box included)

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