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MSE PRO All-in-One Sealing Machine with Electrolyte Vacuum Diffusion Function for Pouch Cell Lab Research

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MSE Supplies offers all-in-one sealing machine with electrolyte degassing and diffusion function for professional lithium pouch cell battery laboratory research. It is mainly used to remove air from the electrolyte under vacuum conditions after the electrolyte is injected into the pouch battery, and then finally seal the battery case. It is easy to operate and suitable for all types of batteries (especially soft bag battery). The vacuum control system allows electrolyte to thoroughly saturate the electrodes, ensuring the best battery charging-discharging performance.

Customized product design such as individual diffusion chamber or sealing machine option is available upon request. 


Product number (SKU#) BR0332
Power supply 110-240V, single phase 50/60Hz
Max. power 500W
Compress air 0.5-0.8Mpa
Vacuum holding time 0-9999s
Sealing temperature RT-250℃ with the accuracy of ±2℃
Sealing pressure 0-7kN/cm2
Hot sealing time 0-99s
Sealing blade Hard type (without rubber, only for Al case sealing)
Sealing width 5mm (Customizable)
Sealing length max. 200mm
Suitable battery size 180*120*10mm (Customizable)
Chamber body 12mm thick Aluminum case with observation window
Dimensions Work box: 570*420*750mm
Control unit: 460*480*250mm
Inner chamber size:350*285*165mm
Net weight About 76kg