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MSE PRO Digital Distribution Peristaltic Pump with Touch Screen, Max Speed 100rpm

SKU: LS0344

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MSE PRO™ Digital Distribution Peristaltic Pump with Touch Screen, Max Speed 100rpm

MSE Supplies offers a Digital Distribution Peristaltic Pump with Touch Screen, the max speed of which can be up to 100rpm. It features a 3.5-inch touch screen for intuitive data display and offers a variety of function settings. The pump operates in two modes: transmission and distribution, allowing for repeated timing and quantitative dispensing. Made of stainless steel, it boasts a strong and durable package design, capable of storing 8 sets of filling data for fast filling operations. Additionally, it supports multiple external control methods such as the RS485/MODBUS communication.

This Peristaltic Pump comes with YZ1515x pump head and 2 meters of 17# silicon tube (ID: 6.4mm and WT: 1.6mm) as standard accessory. For additional tubes/pump heads beyond the standard configuration, please contact us for more detail.

Brand: MSE PRO™ 


  • Simple operation: Digital knob for speed adjustment and function setting, making it easy to operate.
  • Applicable to multiple pump heads: Compatible with YZ series, DG series, TX series, and other pump heads.
  • External control operation: Supports RS485/MODBUS communication protocol and analog control.
  • Stable operation, high transmission accuracy, and a wide flow range.
  • Flow calibration: Multiple calibrations can be performed to reduce flow rate errors and ensure accuracy.
  • Full-speed function: Enables quick cleaning, filling, and emptying of the tube while maintaining flow accuracy.
  • Suitable for various pump heads, allowing for matching and customization.

    Technical Data:

    SKU# LS0344
    Speed Range 0.1 ~ 100 rpm (reversible)
    Speed Resolution 0.1 rpm
    Flow Rate 0.0015 ~ 380 mL/min
    Speed Mode Touch screen adjustment
    Pump Head YZ1515x as standard (For other types please contact us.)
    Standard Tube Accessory

    Length: 2 m

    Inner Diameter x Wall Thickness: 6.4 x 1.6 mm (17#)

    Display Mode Color LCD display
    Power Supply AC110 V
    Power Consumption <22 W
    Timing Range 0.1 s ~ 9999 min
    Quantitative Range 0.001 mL ~ 9999 L
    External Control Method Start control/direction control/speed control (0 ~ 5 V, 0 ~ 10 V, 4 ~ 20 mA optional) RS485 serial communication.
    Drive Size 215 x 136.4 x 236.7 mm
    Drive Weight 4.64 kg

    Flow Rates for Tubing Compatible with the YZ1515x Pump Head

    For Max Flow Rate of 300rpm and 600rpm, multiply by 3 and 6, respectively. 

    Tubing size (ID x Wall thickness) Min. flow rate (0.1 rpm) Max. flow rate (100 rpm)
    0.8 mm x 1.6 mm (13#) 0.007 mL/min 7 mL/min
    1.6 mm x 1.6 mm (14#) 0.027 mL/min 27 mL/min
    2.4 mm x 1.6 mm (19#) 0.051 mL/min 51 mL/min
    3.1 mm x 1.6 mm (16#) 0.082 mL/min 82 mL/min
    4.8 mm x 1.6 mm (25#) 0.17 mL/min 170 mL/min
    6.4 mm x 1.6 mm (17#) 0.29 mL/min 290 mL/min
    7.9 mm x 1.6 mm (18#) 0.38 mL/min 380 mL/min