MSE PRO Deionized (DI) Water Filtration System

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MSE PRO™ Deionized (DI) Water Filtration System

The filtering of water to produce DI water is critical for successful analyses and analytical methods are becoming more and more sensitive, thus more susceptible to interference. High water quality is decisive in ensuring the reproducibility of your results and in preventing time-consuming repeat analyses due to potential water additives or even contaminants. 

Primary Applications

  • Biochemical analyzers
  • Electroplating painting
  • Battery charging
  • Chip washing
  • Microbial culture media
  • Chemical and biochemical reagent/buffer preparation
  • Photographic film processing
  • Stability test chamber 
  • Meteorological test equipment

Product Features

  • Equipped with an 8L internal storage tank. 
  • Menu allows for setting and modifying parameters, operating status display and indication light reflects alarms such as high-pressure shutdown, low-pressure alarm, water full shutdown, etc.
  • Alarming for water quality exceeding, automatic reminders for filter replacement, and water intake time can be set. Automatic indication light indicate RO and DI water intake.
  • Equipped with a portable test pen, which can test TDS content, conductance and water temperature anytime, anywhere.
  • The pipeline adopts a quick-plug interface and is NSF certified.
  • Optional RS-232C communication interface output, it can be connected with intelligent instruments with RS-232C interface to realize the transmission of measurement data or print records.
  • Optional 3 meters telescopic water taking gun make water collection convenient.

Accessory Kit (Included)

Product Parameters

SKU #s MA1070 / MA1071 / MA1072
 Inlet Water Source Urban Tap Water
Inlet Water Pressure: 0.15-0.4 MPa
Water Temperature: 5-40 °C
Water Flow Rate 1.5-2 L/min (with pressure barrel)
Water Production Rate

MA1070: 10L/H

MA1071: 20L/H

MA1072: 30L/H

Internal Storage Tank Capacity 8L
2 Water Outlets Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Deionized (DI) water
RO Water Quality Desalination rate: 95-99%
Conductivity: ≤ 10 μS/cm

DI Water Quality

Resistivity: 10-16 MΩ.cm@25°C

Conductivity: ≦ 0.01 μS/cm

Ammonia: 0.03 μg/mL

Nitrate: 0.06 μg/mL

Power Source (V/Hz/W) 110 / 50 / 50-60
Unit Dimensions: LxWxH (cm) 47 x 45 x 55
Packing Dimensions: LxWxH (cm) 55 x 63 x 68
Warranty 1 year


List of Consumables Included with Purchase

SKU #  Item Replacement Cycle Quantity
MA1046 11" PP Filter ~4-6 months 1
MA1049 11" Activated Carbon Filter ~4-6 months 2
MA1054 75 GPD RO Membrane ~1-2 years 2
MA1048 11" Ultra-Purification Column  ~1000 Liters 4
MA1060 0.2 µm PES Terminal Filter ~2-3 years 1
MA1065 5000 Dalton UF Heat Source Column N/A 1
MA1062 Dual Wavelength (185 and 254 nm) UV Lamp  Lifespan: ~9000hrs 1


List for Purchasing Additional Consumables 

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 SKU # Item Description Replacement Cycle
MA1043 10" 5um PP Cotton Filter ~4-6 Months
MA1044 10" Granular Activated Carbon Filter ~4-6 Months
MA1045 10" Refine Activated Carbon Filter ~4-6 Months
MA1046 11" U type Quick-Insert PP Cotton Filter ~4-6 Months
MA1047 11" U Type Quick-Insert Active Carbon Filter ~4-6 Months
MA1048 11" U Type Quick-Insert Ultra Purification Column ~1000L/Column
MA1049 11" U Type Quick-Insert Post Positional Active Carbon Filter ~1 year
MA1050 20'' PP Cotton Filter ~4-6 Months
MA1051 20" Particle Activated Carbon Filter Element ~4-6 Months
MA1052 20" Refined Activated Carbon Rod Filter Element ~4-6 Months
MA1053 20'' Ultra Purification Column ~3500L
MA1054 75 GPD RO Membrane ~1-2 Years
MA1055 100 GPD RO Membrane ~1-2 Years
MA1056 300 GPD RO Membrane ~1-2 Years
MA1057 400 GPD RO Membrane ~1-2 Years
MA1058 KDF Composite Filter ~1 year
MA1059 Nano Descaling Filter ~2 years
MA1060 0.2um PES Terminal Filter NA
MA1061 Premium 0.2um PES Terminal Filter NA
MA1062 Dual Wavelength UV Lamp Tube ~9000 hours
MA1063 12L Ultra Purification Tank ~25 Tons
MA1064 25L Ultra Purification Tank ~50 Tons
MA1065 PES 5000 Dalton UF Heat Source Column NA