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MSE PRO Copper-Nickel Nanowire Dispersion, 200mg/bottle

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MSE PRO Copper-Nickel Nanowire Dispersion

Copper-Nickel nanowires exhibit exceptional electrical conductivity and elasticity, making them important components in flexible and wearable electronics. Copper-Nickel Nanowire Dispersion allows for successful integration and utilization of copper-nickel nanowires as a reinforcing agent when used with a commercial resin in laser stereolithography. These nanowires have recently been utilized in optical devices, solar cells, lithium-ion batteries, and wearable devices such as stretchable electrodes.

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SKU# CM2036 CM2037
Concentration 2mg/ml (customizable)
Package 200mg/bottle
Diameter 100-300nm
Length 10-20um
Purity >99 wt%
Dispersion Water Ethanol

Note: Package weight calculated by solid content.

Storage: Keep it sealed, avoid light exposure, store at 4℃


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