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MSE PRO CO2 Incubator with High Temperature and Humidity Sterilization System (155L)

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MSE PRO™ CO2 Incubator with High Temperature and Humidity Sterilization System (155L)

The CO2 incubator is an advanced equipment used for the cultivation of cells, tissues, and bacteria. It is also a critical product for conducting immunology, oncology, genetics, and bioengineering research, and it finds extensive applications in microbiology, agricultural science, medical experimentation, and production. Air-jacketed CO2 incubators have the advantage of rapid heating and temperature recovery, making them particularly suitable for short-term cultures and frequent opening and closing of the chamber door. 

  • The colorful touch screen allows users to view a real-time performance curve, showing temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration, as well as any abnormal alarms.
  • The infrared sensor is exceedingly sensitive to CO2 concentration changes and unaffected by variances within the incubator chamber, delivering accurate readings.
  • An independent environmental temperature detector can automatically adjust the CO2 incubator heating system based on changes in ambient temperature during the experiment to avoid temperature overshoot inside the chamber.
  • The 90℃ high-temperature and humidity sterilization system can perform high-temperature and humidity sterilization on the internal chamber, including temperature sensors, CO2 concentration sensors, fans, baffles, and brackets. It eliminates various microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasma that can cause microbial contamination in cell culture, providing users with a safe experimental environment.

    MSE Supplies offers different capacities(40L, 80L, 155L, 190L, 233L) and types (water jacket, air jacket) of CO2 incubators as well as other climate chambers with various functions. For more information, please contact us.
      SKU# MA1031
      Power supply voltage 110V/60Hz
      Input power 700W
      Heating method Air jacket micro computer PID control
      Temperature range +5 to 50 ℃
      Working temerature +5 to 30 ℃
      Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
      CO2 concentration range 0 to 20%
      CO2 concentration accuracy  ±1%
      Temperature recovery time after door open at 37℃ ≤8min
      Capacity 155L
      Humidity ≥90%
      Number of shelves (std.)
      Chamber dimension (W×D×H) 480×530×610mm
      Outside dimension (W×D×H) 670×770×880mm