MSE PRO Chromium Tri-iodide (CrI3) Crystal 2D Material

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MSE PRO™ Chromium Tri-iodide (CrI3) Crystal 2D Material

Chromium Tri-iodide (CrI3), a significant member of the group of two-dimensional (2D) materials, with intrinsic ferromagnetic order, has attracted great interest because of its extraordinary magnetic properties. Due to its low cleavage energy and high in-plane stiffness, CrI3 can be exfoliated easily from bulk crystals and remain free-standing during the exfoliation process. It possesses a Curie temperature of 61K and the strongest magnetic anisotropy of chromium trihalides. Recently, it is proved that the magnetism of CrI3 can remain down to the single-layer and that it depends on the CrI3 layer number (N). Because of their intriguing properties, few layer CrI3 flakes can be used in 2D spintronics, such as in spin filters, magnetoelectric switches, and in tunneling magnetoresistance devices. 

Technical Data

Chemical Name Chromium Tri-iodide
Synonyms Chromium (III) iodide
Chemical Formula CrI3
Molecular Weight (g/mol) 432.71
CAS Number 13569-75-0 
Bandgap (eV) 0.6–0.67
Curie Temperature (K) 67
Product Area Size (mm2) ~10(CM3021), ~25(CM3022), ~100(CM3023)
Purity 99.99%
Material Properties Ferromagnetic Semiconductor
Structure C2/m Monoclinic
Color Dark Green

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