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MSE PRO Benchtop High-Speed Large-Capacity Centrifuge (20,500 RPM)

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MSE PRO™ Benchtop High-Speed Large-Capacity Centrifuge (20,500 RPM)

The benchtop high-speed large-capacity centrifuge is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology, and is an essential instrument for centrifugal separation in various levels of hospitals, research institutions, and higher education institutions.


  • This multipurpose centrifuge features advanced and intelligent technology.
  • It includes microcomputer control and an LCD large screen display.
  • It offers 10 acceleration and deceleration levels for your choice.
  • The new electronic lock ensures safe spinning.
  • Safety features include over-speed and over-temperature devices, along with an automatic alarm system.
  • The Silastic sealed ring conforms to GMP standards and is certified by the US FDA.

              Technical Specification:

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              SKU MA1086
              Max speed 20500r/min
              Max centrifugal force 29200RCF
              Max capacity 4x750mL
              Speed accuracy ±10r/min
              Time setting 1min~99min59s
              Noise <65dB(A)
              Power supply AC110V 60Hz 
              Consumption 1.2KW
              Dimension(L×W×H) 545mmx660mmx490mm
              Packing size(L×W×H) 670mmx780mmx630mm
              Net weight (No rotor) 72kg

              The rotors are sold separately.

              Commonly Used Rotor Information:

              Model Capacity Maximum Speed Max centrifugal force Adaptors
              1 12x1.5/2.2mL 20,500 r/min 29,200 RCF -
              2 6x85mL 11,000 r/min 11,720 RCF -

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