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MSE PRO Battery Grade Lithium Aluminum Alloy Foil for Battery Research

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Product Details:

Aluminum with appropriate potential, high-capacity, and electronic conductivity can alloy with Li spontaneously and is proposed herein as a carbon-free and binder-free anode of an all-solid-state Li-S battery (LSB). The lithium aluminum alloy anode showed excellent compatibility toward the Li10GeP2S12 (LGPS) electrolyte, as verified by the steady cell operation for over 2500 hours. Lithium aluminum alloy foil is a trending anode material for all solid state batteries. 

Never open the package in air. Store in Ar filled glove box with moisture less than 2%RH.  

Shipping and handling: This material is classified as a hazmat and requires special packaging and shipping to comply with  regulatory requirements. Please contact us for specific details with shipping and handling.

Product is packaged in a dry room. There may be residual oxygen that will be released when the package is opened.

Due to the nature of the material, please inspect the product upon arrival. MSE Supplies will be only responsible for the manufacturing defects only after 1 week past delivery.


100 g
Pack 100 g/roll


Li+Al (0.15.0 wt% Al)

Appearance  Silver white
Thickness Customizable
Width Customizable


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