MSE PRO Automatic Pouch Cell Case Forming Machine For Pilot Battery Production

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MSE Supplies offers an auto pouch cell case forming machine. This pilot battery equipment is used to automatically realize the function of feeding of aluminum laminated film roll, position correction, dust removal by brush, static removal, preheating before punching, punching, rolling cutting on both sides, top cutting, separate collection of waste and finished products, etc. The battery case is fed in roll with automatic correction, motor unwinding and tension control. Further, Aluminum laminated film tension can be controlled by electric proportional valve, low-friction cylinder and potentiometer combined with servo motor. After punching, the corners of the cell case are smooth without wrinkles and pinholes. And the surface is smooth without concave convex pits, scratches, cracks, etc.

The equipment working flow is as below:

Manual feeding → Connecting platform → Tension control → Dust removal → Static removal → Punching → Rolling cutting → Servo pulling → Crosscutting mechanism → Finished product collection

Main features:

  • Servo motor automatic unwinding, deviation correction, film connecting, tension control
  • Aluminum laminated film dust removal and preheating mechanism
  • Automatic cutting and feeding

Equipment price depends on the electrode design details. Other customizable designs are available upon request.

Electrode design sample for reference

No. Item Size (mm) Accuracy
A Punch length 50-300 /
B Punch width 40-200 /
C Length of Aluminum laminated film 25-350 ±0.2
D Width of Aluminum laminated film 40-200 ±0.5
E Top-side size 3-20 ±0.2
T Punch thickness 2-10 ±0.15



SKU BR0444
Power supply 380V, 12Kw (Customizable)
Max. film size L350*W200mm
Accurate of punching depth ±0.1mm
Overall punched dimension accuracy ±0.15mm (mold size and clearance guarantee)
Max. punch pressure 3T
Punching model Servo punching
Mold life 1 million times
Transport mode Servo transporting (set in touch screen)
Transport accurate ±0.1mm
Crosscutter mode / position adjustment mode Cutting / servo adjustment (set in touch screen)
Cutting accurate ±0.2mm
Cutter (tungsten steel) life 1 million times (repairable)
Overall dimensions L3200*W1000*H2000mm
Weight 1500Kg

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