MSE PRO Automatic Heat Sealing Machine for Pouch Cell Pilot Production

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MSE Supplies offers an automatic model pouch cell top and side heat sealer is suitable for pouch cell top and side sealing process. The equipment is a single-station top/side-sealing machine with manual loading. It is widely used for aluminum-laminate film sealing with accurate pressure, temperature and sealing time. This parameters can be set through the touch screen: pressure, temperature, packaging time and so on. The record data can be uploaded to through the USB port on the panel. 

Equipment specifications are listed for references, please contact us for customization.  

SKU BR0442
Power supply

AC110V±10%/50Hz (Customizable)

Total power 2.5KW, depending on the actual design

Air supply 0.5~0.7Mpa, 100L/min
Applicable battery range Length≤200mm, width≤200mm, thickness 5-25mm
Sealing width 5mm, customized according to requirement
Sealing head parallelism ≤0.02mm
Heating tube power 800W
Temperature RT~300℃ ,with accuracy ±3℃
Sealing pressure 5-250kg, adjustable on touch screen
Sealing time 0-99sec, adjustable on touch screen
Output ≥1PPM
Equipment size L570*W550*H1320mm, depending on the actual design
Equipment weight 150kg

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