MSE PRO Automatic Electrode Stacking Machine For Pilot Pouch Cell Production

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MSE Supplies offers an automatic electrode stacking machine which is mainly used in the Z-type stacking process of lithium-ion pouch cells. 

The cathode and anode electrodes are manually fed into the stacking machine. The separator is passing through the unwinding part and introduced into the stacking table with correction system. The manipulator repeatedly moves left and right and takes cathode and anode electrodes with suction cup. After secondary precise positioning, the manipulator performs stacking process and drives the separator to move left and right. At the same time, the automatic stacking of the next cell is started, and the cell that has been taped will be automatically unloaded. Through the precise positioning of the electrodes, the overall position accuracy of the electrodes during stacking is guaranteed to be ±0.3mm.

There are four sets of press-blade to compress the electrodes. After the stacking process is completed, the cell is removed through the manipulator clamping mechanism, the separator is cut off, and the cell is transferred to the taping station for automatic taping.

The price might vary depending on the electrode size which can be customized upon request.

The length of the electrode refers to the length of the electrode in the direction of the tab, excluding the length of the tab.

T (mm) 4~15
W (mm) 100~265
L (mm) 150~300
Tab L1 (mm) 8~20
Tab direction

On the same side/different sides

Equipment specification: 

SKU BR0338
Power supply AC110V 50Hz, Voltage fluctuation ±10%, Power: 3KW
Stacking speed 1.3~1.5s/pcs
Stacking layers Can be set within the thickness range
Compressed air 0.5~0.7Mpa (5~7kgf/cm²), 200L/min
Separator wrapping process Optional
Overall dimensions W2400 x L1800 x H2200mm (dimensions are subject to the final design)
Weight About 2000Kg

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