MSE PRO Automated Tissue Grinder and Homogenizer

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MSE PRO™ Automated Tissue Grinder and Homogenizer

This automated tissue grinder is used by laboratories handling of high-throughput plant and animal tissue samples to reduce hands-on preparation time and also reduce the potential of sample contamination. It utilizes a method of homogenization which occurs through vertical motion of beads in the sample tube that mechanically disrupt the tissue for DNA, RNA, and protein extraction.

MA1022: Does not have temperature control feature. 

MA1023: Allows for temperature control between -50°C and 0°C


  • Handles up to 48 2mL samples or 12 5mL samples at a time. 
  • Utilizes a steel ball that is added to the sample vial (tank or tube) that vibrates vertically for quick and successful tissue homogenization. 
  • Can perform dry or wet grinding for mixing and homogenization. 
  • High-throughput sample volumes for grinding up to 4x96 samples at once within as little as 3 minutes. 
  • Typical sample types include plant tissue, animal tissue, cells, bacteria, yeast, and herbs.


SKU #  MA1022 MA1023 MA1024
Power Supply
110/60 110/60 110/60
Rated Power
180 375 375
Timer Setting
1-9999 1-9999 1-9999
Frequency Setting


~ 300-2100 rev./min. 


~ 300-2100 rev./min. 


270-2000 rev./min

Clamp Stroke (mm) 34 (Vertical) 34 (Vertical) 30 (Vertical)
Sample Capacity

2mL Adapter for 48 Samples

5mL Adapter for 12 Samples

2mL Adapter for 48 Samples

5mL Adapter for 12 Samples

Optional: 5mL 24 Sample or
2mL 24 Sample

1-2mL Adapter for 2*48 Samples

.2-.5mL Adapter for 2*96 Samples

5mL Adapter for 2*24 Samples

Display 7in. TFT Touch Screen 5.7in TFT Touch Screen Digital Control
Protection Open Lid Protection with Emergency Brake Open Lid Protection with Emergency Brake Open cover Protection with Emergency Brake
LxWxH (mm)
369x360x520 450x460x795 514x380x520


Items Included / Packing List

MA1022 MA1023 MA1024
 Part Description Quantity Quantity Quantity
Tissue Grinder 1 1 1

2mL: 48 Samples

5mL: 12 Samples

2mL: 48 Samples

5mL: 12 Holes

2mL: 2*48 Samples

.2-.5mL: 2*96 Samples

5mL: 2*24 Samples

Stanless Stell Grinding Beads

2 Bottles of 6mm (500 pieces)

1 Bottle of 3mm (500 pieces)

2 Bottles of 6mm
(500 pieces)

1 Bottle of 3mm
(500 pieces)

1 Bottle of 3mm
(200 pieces) 

1 Bottle of 6mm
(200 pieces)

Power Cord 1 1 1
User's Manual 1 1 1