Alumina-doped Zinc Oxide Sputtering Target AZO,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO Alumina-doped Zinc Oxide Sputtering Target AZO

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AZO, Zinc Oxide with Alumina doping (ZnO / Al2O3, 98/2 wt%,) Sputtering Targets

The standard Cu backing plate thickness is 0.125 inch (3.175 mm). If a different thickness is required, please specify on the order.

Alumina-doped Zinc Oxide (AZO) sputtering targets with high density and small grain sizes are available from MSE Supplies. The purity of AZO Sputtering Targets provided by MSE Supplies is minimum 99.9%.

Both standard size and customized sizes are available upon request.

Typical Sputtering Procedure

Dependent on process. AZO films can be deposited by RF or DC magnetron sputtering, but not by thermal evaporation. If the sputter target is non-conducting, as with a ceramic composition, RF sputter techniques are necessary; otherwise reactive DC magnetron sputtering is preferred.

Target power density ~3-4 W/cm2 with an O2 to Ar flow rate ~2:1.
Operating total pressure ~6 mTorr.
Substrate temperature near 200°C.
Higher power and greater thicknesses produce lower sheet resistances.


AZO targets are used in semiconductor, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) display and optical applications.

  • Low-E Glass Industry (Architectural glass, Automotive glass)
  • Thin Film Photovoltaic Industry (TCO)
  • Flat Panel Displays


  • High purity and high density
  • Density >= 5.55 g/cm3
  • Custom Sizes Available
Material Type Alumina doped Zinc Oxide
Symbol Al2O3/ZnO 2/98 wt%, AZO
Color/Appearance Solid in various forms
Melting Point (°C) N/A
Theoretical Density (g/cc) 5.56
Z Ratio
Sputter RF-R
Max Power Density
(Watts/Square Inch)
Type of Bond Indium