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MSE PRO 6 inch Undoped Germanium (Ge) Epitaxial Wafer on Silicon (Si)

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MSE PRO™ 6 inch Undoped Germanium (Ge) Epitaxial Wafer on Silicon (Si)

Germanium (Ge) belongs to the group IV indirect band gap materials with a band gap of 0.67eV, which is narrower than pure silicon. Despite the fact that it is an indirect band gap material, it still attracts interest as optoelectronics materials due to low indirect-to-direct band separation. Ge band structure can be reconstructed by strain engineering (tensile strain allows both direct and indirect band gap to shrink with direct band gap shrinks faster). As a result, Ge epitaxial wafer is a great candidate for active components such as integrated light sources and photodetectors. Furthermore, strain engineering can also be used to minimize the lattice mismatch between silicon and germanium, which are responsible for the deterioration of integrated devices. Compare with traditional silicon wafer, Ge epitaxial wafer on Si shows higher performance and less power consumption radio frequency communication circuits. It is widely used in high-speed integrated circuits, wireless communication and photonic applications.

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Substrate Silicon (Si) Wafer
Diameter 150±0.2 mm
Grade Prime
Growth Method  CZ
Orientation <100>
Thickness 675±25 um
Resistivity  1~20
Type/Dopant P-type/Boron
Epi Layer  Germanium (Ge) 
Epi Layer Thickness 630±70 nm
Epi Layer Dopant Undoped



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