5kg/roll Lithium Battery Grade Copper Foil (280mm W x 6um T) for Battery Anode Substrate,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO 5kg/roll Lithium Battery Grade Copper Foil (280mm W x 6um T) for Battery Anode Substrate

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Product Details:

This copper foil is widely used as a substrate (current collector) for anode materials coating in Li-Ion battery research.

Copper foil chosen guidance:

The thin thickness of copper foil can increase the power density of the entire battery. However, the thinner copper foils cost more due to its production complexity. Currently, 6 um copper foil is a trending substrate for high powder density battery R&D research.

The surface roughness is a key parameter for slurry coating quality. Too smooth surface may cause the film crack during drying while too rough surface is bad for slurry coating uniformity. Our copper foil can give a uniform slurry coating based on customer feedback.

The tension strength and elongation can effect the battery reliability and cycling performance. Copper foil with good tension strength and elongation can avoid the break and crack due to handling.

Note: The width and thickness of copper foil can be customized and the surface can be coated by carbon upon request.


Product SKU# BR0214
Pack Size
5.0 kg per roll
Material Cu ≥99.8% 
Dimension 280mm W x 6um T or Customized
Length ~330 m
Density 8.9 g/cm3
Areal density (g/m2) 53~56
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥300
Normal elongation (%) ≥3
Surface tension (dyne/cm) ≥336
Surface roughness (um)

Drum side Ra≤0.3

Material Size Rz≤3.0



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