5kg/roll Lithium Battery Grade Aluminum Foil (180mm W x 15um T) for Battery Cathode Substrate,  MSE Supplies

MSE PRO 5kg/roll Lithium Battery Grade Aluminum Foil (180mm W x 15um T) for Battery Cathode Substrate

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Product Details:

Aluminum foil is widely used as substrate (current collector) for cathode materials coating in Li-Ion battery research. The naturally formed oxide layer provides the resistance to corrosion and oxidation at high potentials. Aluminum has a good thermal and electronic conductivity when used as current collector.

The thickness of Aluminum foil is one of key features for the battery power density. Thin thickness benefits the power density while increases the cost. Currently, 12um is the most popular thickness for battery R&D and industries. 

Note: The aluminum foil surface can be coated by carbon, cathode materials, e.g. LiFePO4, LiCoO2, upon request.


Product SKU# BR0212
Pack Size
5 kg per roll


Al (≥99.5% purity)

Overall Dimensions

180mm W x 15um T, ~525m Long


2.71 g/cm3
Areal density 30~34g/m2
Transverse surface density uniformity ≤0.003 g/ 40×40 mm
Vertical surface density uniformity ≤0.003 g/ 40×40 mm
Extensibility <0.5%
Normal temperature Tensile strength >140 kgf/mm2
After 1200C baking 1h, Tensile strength >120 kgf/mm2
Anti oxidization (200℃ Heating 30mins)

No oxidation

Coating performance Uniform tension on foil both sizes, uniform slurry coating


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