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MSE PRO 50m/roll Ultra-Thin Battery Grade Lithium Foil (80mm W x 5um T) for Battery Electrode Pre-lithiation

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Product Details:

MSE Supplies offers porous ultra-thin lithium foil (5um thick) that is designed for uniform pre-lithiation of electrode materials. The pores on lithium foil can facilitate the electrolyte infiltration and electrode lithiation. The continuous ultra thin lithium foil ensures the uniform lithiation and possibility for continuous rolling processing. It is a safe and simple pre-lithiation option for battery research and industry uses.  

Pre-lithiation is a popular method in battery research to improve the electrode capacity, first cycle efficiency and cycling performance. Traditionally, stabilized lithium metal powder is widely used for electrode pre-lithiation. More recently, Professor Yi Cui from Stanford University demonstrated that pre-lithiation by lithium foil can significantly improve the capacity of silicon nanowires based electrode material. 

Warning on safe handling: Lithium is very reactive in air. Please never open the package in air. This product must be handled in an inert gas environment. 

Never open the package in air. Store in Ar filled glove box with moisture less than 2%RH.  

Shipping and handling: This material is classified as a hazmat and requires special packaging and shipping to comply with  regulatory requirements. Please contact us for specific details with shipping and handling.

Product is packaged in a dry room. There may be residual oxygen that will be released when the package is opened.


Due to the nature of the material, please inspect the product upon arrival. MSE Supplies will be only responsible for the manufacturing defects only after 1 week past delivery. It is normal to see black spots on the lithium products. You can use a nylon brush/stainless steel scalpel to clean the surface. 

The product was manufactured in dry room. It may contain some residual oxygen which can cause the temporary oxygen level increase when opened in glove box.


Product SKU# BR0177
Material ≥99.9% Lithium
Pack size 50 m/roll
Net weight ~20g

Overall Dimensions
(Width x Thickness)

80mm x 5um (Customizable upon request)
Pore density <5%
Lithium loading density

0.267 mg/cm2

Melting point

180.5 ℃


Keep in an Argon-filled glove box

Due to its ultra thin thickness, it may be difficult to manually detach the foil from protective film. Rolling mill is recommended for easy transfer.


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