MSE PRO 50g Ketjenblack EC600JD Conductive Carbon Black for Battery Research

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Ketjenblack EC600-JD is a unique electro-conductive carbon black that has received favorable evaluations for its superior performance and stability of quality. Due to its unique morphology and the extremely high specific surface area of approx. 1300 m2/g (BET), only one sixth the amount of Ketjenblack EC600-JD is needed compared to conventional electroconductive carbon blacks in order to achieve the same conductivity. It is widely used for batteries research, catalysis and conductive polymer /resin.

    Product SKU#: PO5017

    Packing: 50g per bottle


    Color Black
    Particle size(D50) around 20 nm
    Ash content ≤0.1%
    Moisture ≤0.5%
    Density (bulk) 100-120 kg/m3
    DBP absorption  480-510 cm3/100g
    BET specific surface area 1270 m2/g
    pH 9.0-10.5
    Volatiles ≤1.0 %
    Grit content ≤30 mg/kg
    Iodine absorption 1000-1100 mg/g

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