MSE PRO 500mg High Purity (>99.998%) Black Phosphorus Crystal 2D Material

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500mg High Purity (>99.998%) Black Phosphorus Crystal 2D Material

  • Product Number: CM3001
  • Pack: 500mg/bottle under inert gas
  • Appearance: Crystal with metallic luster 
  • CAS Number: 7723-14-0
  • Purity: >99.998%
  • Average Size: 1-10mm


The two dimensional layered inorganic materials have gained significant attentions recently owing to their thickness dependent on physical and chemical properties. Similar to graphene, black phosphorus has a two-dimensional layered structure consisting of individual layers stacked together through weak van der Waals forces. It has unique properties, such as high carrier mobility, strong infrared responsivity, widely tunable bandgap, in-plane anisotropy, spontaneous electric polarization and good bio-compatibility. It is widely used for field-effect transistors, optical devices, catalysis, bio-sensor, semiconductor, detectors and battery research.


Sensitive to moisture and air. Handle in glove box and store under inert gas. 

More detailed product information including SDS, certificate of analysis (COA), lead time and volume pricing are available upon request. Please contact MSE Supplies if you need bulk pricing. 

Shipping and handling: This material is classified as a hazmat and requires special packaging and shipping to comply with regulatory requirements. Please contact us for specific details with shipping and handling.


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