MSE PRO ≦5% RH Desiccator Cabinet for Electronic and Semiconductors

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MSE PRO™ ≦5% RH Desiccator Cabinet for Electronics and Semiconductors

MSE Supplies offers a ≦5%RH Desiccator Cabinet, which is widely used in laboratories, precision instrument handling, semiconductor moldings, and optical lens production. It serves the critical function of providing a controlled low-humidity environment. Its primary purpose is to safeguard moisture-sensitive items from moisture-related damage or degradation.

In laboratories, it preserves hygroscopic samples and chemicals to ensure experiment accuracy. For precision instruments like spectrometers and microscopes, the drying box prevents moisture-induced damage to electronic components. In semiconductor molding, it stores semiconductor chips to maintain their performance and reliability. In optical lens production, it prevents fogging or damage caused by moisture. They play a pivotal role in maintaining the quality and functionality of moisture-sensitive materials and equipment.

Main Features:

  • Made of 1mm double-layer powder-coated steel plate, resistant to scratching, ensuring a high-strength cabinet body.
  • Modular Design: This dry cabinet is designed with modularity in mind. The primary modules include a display controller, power box, dehumidifier, shelf, and caster wheels. All modules can be easily replaced.
  • Green Design: The dry cabinet's performance can be upgraded simply by changing its modules, resulting in no waste materials that could pollute the environment. Dryzone dry cabinets can remain in use as long as the cabinet structure remains in good condition, potentially lasting 10 to 20 years.
  • Flexible Design: Users have the option to select more dehumidifiers initially or add these modules in the future. The units are highly flexible, allowing users to choose and install modules at any time.
  • Data Recording: It is crucial to verify that the storage condition complies with the regulations of J-STD-033. Users can directly connect notebook PCs to the cabinet's RS232 port to acquire data or use our LT-1 for data recording. With our data recording function, historical fluctuations in relative humidity and temperature can be clearly shown in the graph. The software can also calculate the floor life of Moisture Sensitive Devices. This patented function easily verifies whether SMD packages are stored under proper conditions, which is convenient for quality assurance procedures.
  • Calibration Reminder: Sensor drift might affect accuracy. To assist compliance with ISO regulations, this model offers a unique calibration expiration reminder function. When the sensor runs for over 365 days, the panel's decimal point will flash, reminding the user.
  • Alert Setting: Alerts can occur in two ways - flashing and buzzing. Alerts can be activated when the relative humidity or temperature exceeds the upper limit setting. Flashing and buzzing alerts can be activated with different delay times.
  • Multifunction Storage Bins (optional): Inside bins facilitate the quick retrieval of small components, while outside bins store ISO documents like worksheets or quality instructions. This feature helps avoid human errors and simplifies QA management.

Technical Specifications:

SKU MA2134 MA2135
Temperature and Humidity Accuracy ±3.0% RH, ±1.0℃
Humidity Range Relative Humidity: ≦5% RH (Adjustable)
Control Method Adjustable Setpoint
Outer Dimensions  (WxDxH) 905x452x1045 mm
1200x672x1820 mm
Inner Dimensions (WxDxH) 903x425x870 mm 1198x644x1618 mm
Capacity 328 L 1250 L
Number of Shelves 3 pieces 5 pieces
Max. Loading Capacity of each Shelves 50 kg 80 kg
Power AC110V, 60Hz AC110V, 60Hz