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MSE PRO 3N (99.9%) Magnesium Aluminate (MgAl2O4) Pieces (3-12mm) Evaporation Materials

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MSE PRO™ 3N (99.9%) Magnesium Aluminate (MgAl2O4) Pieces (3-12mm) Evaporation Materials

Magnesium aluminate (MgAl2O4) spinel (MAS) is a synthetic material with cubic crystal structure and possesses a unique combination of desirable properties such as high melting point, high strength at elevated temperature, high chemical inertness, low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal shock resistance. These properties made MAS an indispensable material for optically transparent windows, domes, cement rotary kilns, lining of steel ladles, glass tank furnaces and armours, and for certain refractory applications. Recently, it has also been used as coating materials for sapphire fibers, battery separators, graphite and alloys to provide protection or improve their performance. 

The dimensions can be customized upon request. Please contact us for customization or bulk orders.

Name Magnesium aluminate
Symbol MgAl2O4
Molecule Weight (g/mol) 142.27 
CAS Number 12068-51-8
Purity ≥99.9%
Color White 
Thermal Conductivity (bulk) (W/cm.K) 0.147-0.154 
Melting Point (°C) 2,135
Density (Bulk) (g/cm3) 3.64
Thermal Expansion (/°C) 9.17 x 10^-6
Specific Heat 0.29
Optical Transmission (Visible and IR) (µm) 0.2-8
Refractive Index 1.72

MSE Supplies offers a variety of crucibles for material evaporation. We can customize the dimensions based on your need.


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